At the hospital, waiting to see Grandma

As I started writing this, the surgeon walked into the waiting room and told us that Grandma is going to be fine.

She started having abdominal pain earlier this evening. Her doctor paid a house call and told her that she needed to go straight to the hospital because it looked like a hernia. The surgery went without a hitch.

They didn’t put Grandma under and she chatted with the staff the whole time. My cousin (who is a surgeon and so was in the operating room, observing) says that one of the staff said, “Gosh she’s awfully clear-minded.”

Richard said, “Yes. Everytime I go over she makes me feel like I’m a little slow.”

We’ll get to see her tonight. The surgeon said that they are going to keep her in ICU and then here for a couple of days. “Just because she’s 103.”

I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

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4 Responses

  1. Ellen Datlow

    Just read your blog–I’m soo glad that she’s ok (still sorry I didn’t get to meet her)

  2. -e-

    Oh, what a relief! I’m sure I don’t need to mention that I do not like seeing “Grandma” and “hospital” together in one of your posts Mary! Hugs and the very best wishes to your entire family, and please send my regards to your Grandmother. I’m glad you were there. As scary as this was, it would have been worse from far away.

  3. momk

    Reading your blog entry, “Oh my God” escaped
    with my exhaled breath. What a shock.
    Earlier today I was telling someone about your
    Grandmother and what a vibrant woman she is at 103 years.

    We are very happy she is recovering well tonight.
    Please assure her of our prayers and our wish for a
    speedy return to her normal routine at home.