At the Historic Anchor Inn

I’m at the Historic Anchor Inn for the workshop and my room is fabulous. Seriously. It’s a two room suite with fun tiki themed decor. Now, as a special treat, see that link? There are two live webcams of the hotel.

On the way down with Ken Scholes, Jen West and Alethea Kontis we stopped at Canon Beach for seafood at Mo’s restaurant and also to run into the ocean. Crazy cold.

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5 Responses

  1. Ami

    The coast is what I miss most about Oregon. The coldness makes the waves especially fun to play tag with, because they give you a nice bite if they get you. Have fun!

  2. -e-

    Well, I can’t say that the streaming video of the parking lot makes for riveting viewing… I concur with Kevin, above, set and time, and we will watch you wave to the camera… or perform some other, elaborate pantomime that can then go viral on you tube…

  3. momk

    oh boy! Does that Anchor Inn
    ever sound swell. We are envious!
    And we certainly will be on stand by
    to catch your wave.