And now, more computer angst

So…now my printer and my scanner won’t talk to my computer. I am annoyed. I have it narrowed down to something (probably) wrong with the BIOS but, lordy, I have no idea how to fix it except a system restore.

That would be fine, except that the program that I use to layout Shimmer is in one of the boxes coming from Iceland to NYC. You know, the ones we left behind because we thought we were going back? So, if I do a system restore, I can’t reload that program. Oh, I could download a trial version, but it’s only good for fifteen days. I could switch programs, but that means rebuilding all my templates. The timing on this is, shall we say, crappy.

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6 Responses

  1. Chris Billett

    Hey Mary – try going into the bios on startup, and resetting the defaults or optimal settings. It should be pretty straight forward, on the top menus.

    If not, uninstall the USB controller in Windows, and let it reinstall itself after startup (make sure you have the motherboard chipset drivers if possible in case you need to put the driver back on, but simply uninstalling and restarting should do it without needing to do that).

  2. Chris Billett

    How strange. I’m assuming they’re both USB… have they worked since it was at the store? Perhaps they disconnected the USB ports from the motherboard (I can certainly do that on mine) and forgot to put them back. Otherwise I’m stumped!

  3. Mary Robinette Kowal

    The scanner and my webcam are misbehaving in the same way. I get a code 39 when I try to install them. (Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)) It’s not the driver. I’ve done all the uninstall/reinstall things. The camera issue is one of the things that I took my computer into the shop for. They said they couldn’t find anything wrong and blamed it on the camera.

    However, this is a new camera, that the camera company sent me as part of our trouble-shooting when the problem first arose.

    For a variety of reasons, yesterday was the first time I’d tried to use my scanner since the camera problem came up. I suspect that it hasn’t been working since then, but I just haven’t used it. Both give me the same error message.

    The printer stopped working yesterday while I was trying to fix the scanner problem. I printed. It was fine. Then I must have screwed something up because when I went to print again later, the printer was no longer installed. I reinstalled it and it shows that it’s active and ready, but when I print, nothing happens. It is frustrating.