AMC – Frodo and Princess Buttercup Offer New Year’s Resolutions

MCDLOOF EC079With all the computer woes on Friday, I forgot to let you know that my new column is up at AMC.

Welcome to the New Year! Around this time, people are probably going to start asking you, “What’s your resolution?” Personally, I always have trouble coming up with a good one, and by that, I mean one I’ll actually keep. A couple of years ago it was, “No dirty dishes in the sink,” which isn’t glamorous but does get the dishes done. This year I decided to turn to fantasy movies for inspiration. After all, much of fantasy is driven by oaths, promises and wishes which, let’s face it, are at the core of resolutions. Here are a sampling of fantasy flicks and the resolutions they might inspire.

Swing by and let us know what films inspire your resolution.

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