All Possible Worlds Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine

All Possible WorldsAll Possible Worlds’ fall issue has just been released, including my story “Some Other Day.”

Authors Appearing in the Fall 2007 Issue:
Edward Morris – “Game Over”
David Seigler – “The Drahatzi Are Coming”
JG Faherty – “Graduation”
Rachelle Loyear-Williams – “The Last Ship”
Michelle Scott – “Prized Possession”
Geraint D’Arcy – “Day Off”
Mary Robinette Kowal – “Some Other Day”
Steve Goble – “Two Kings in Zalzalla”
Kevin Shamel – “Beef”

As a teaser, here’s the first couple of lines of my story.

Josie Langdon leaned back from her microscope and rolled her neck to ease the kinks. After days spent staring at slides, her eyes strained to refocus on the university lab around her.
      “How’s it going?” Stan Kozelka leaned against the lab door; his grin peeked out from his full beard. Of the other grad students, Stan was the only one who never harassed her. She was not sure he knew who her father had been.

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