For some reason, writers can’t seem to get together without calling it a con. I guess so we can write it off. Tonight, Ken Scholes invited a slew of writers down to the Barley Mill Pub to meet Aimee Amodio, who is every bit as funny and delightful as Ken promised. So nice when a gentleman keeps his word like that.

Also paying court to Miss Amodio were Jay Lake, Damian Kilby, Kai Jones, Cat, Benjamin and… here is where my facility for names falls apart, because I can’t remember the name of the last lovely gentleman. Ken will correct me, I’m sure.

It’s so nice to shoot the breeze with other writers without the pressure of an actual convention. I think we were all in the same time zone, except Aimee. Poor sleep-deprived east coaster.

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7 Responses

  1. Jay Lake

    It was fun to see you there. BTW, I’m coming up to Hollywood district around midday. Is that a convenient time to hook up for a few minutes, since I think I’ll be near you? Drop me an email.

  2. Ken Scholes

    Yep, the jury is in and I will be organizing these on a regular basis. And Doug was the gentleman in question.

    Thanks to everyone who came out — Aimee had a good time, I think. She had a bit of a whirlwind Portland/Seattle trip but lots of folks made her feel most welcome!