Again with the elevator

I got stuck in the elevator again today.  Granted, it wasn’t long this time, but I did just sort of start laughing.  

I was heading out to go to the Puppet Kitchen and decided to drop the trash off in the basement on my way.  The thing about the basement is that there’s not another way to get to it except by the fire escape outside, which isn’t really an option.  I got to the basement, put my trash in the bin and got back in the elevator to go back up to the first floor. The door closed and nothing happened.

You know how it is. You push all the buttons, hoping one of them will work. What was interesting this time was that I was next to the routing machine and could hear it clicking as it reset everytime I pushed a button.

I rang the bell. Then I twittered.  And then I called Rob. 

Pretty quickly this time, I heard people through the shaft trying to figure out where the elevator was stuck.  They got me out in about ten minutes. It’s a little silly.

On the other hand, it’d be a great setting for an elevator pitch.

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7 Responses

  1. Josh Jasper

    Wouldn’t “The elevator pitch” be a great title for a play, in which a would-be script writer, a famous actor, a producer, and a director are all trapped in a stuck elevator together?