Adventures in Reading reviews Prime Codex

Prime CodexJoe Sherry at Adventures in Reading posted a review of Prime Codex.

Prime Codex is the debut collection from the new small press publisher: Paper Golem. Subtitled “The Hungry Edge of Speculative Fiction”, Prime Codex features newer and upcoming authors from the Codex Writer’s Group. Some of the authors collected in Prime Codex include: Tobias Buckell, Cat Rambo, Elaine Isaak, Mary Robinette Kowal, and others. I focus on these four authors simply because these are names that make my head turn and take notice (i.e. I have at least heard of these authors).

When did that happen? I mean, my name in with the other three on that list just doesn’t make sense to me. Not complaining, just boggled. And pleased. Oh yes, very pleased.

Rampion by Mary Robinette Kowal was a very short, but mournful story and is an exquisite short work (very short work.)

I continue to be pleased.

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