Actual good news

Yesterday, I sold “Scenting the Dark” to Apex Digest and felt like, given everything, that I should hold onto the news until after April Fool’s was over.

Many thanks to those of you who read a draft of this. Your comments helped me enormously.

Edited to add: The story will be in the next issue of Apex Digest, lucky issue 13 The Table of Contents is:

“Scenting the Dark” (4000 words) – Mary Robinette Kowal
“Blankenjel” (6100 words) – Lavie Tidhar
“In the Seams” (7200 words) – Andrew Porter
“Nature of Blood” (7500 words) – George Mann
“I Know an Old Lady” (500 words) – Nathan Rosen
“The Limb Knitter” (6300 words) – Steven Francis Murphy
“These Days” (5600 words) – Katie Howenstine
“Collecting James” (5500 words) – Geoffrey Girard

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18 Responses

  1. Julia

    WOO! I knew you would. 😀 It’s a great little story (even if I think I’ll just buy the mag and not reread because ohhhh…) so I’m not surprised you sold it. Congratulations!

  2. Jeff

    Well thank you for waiting. I absolutely hate AFD for that very reason. Might as well have stayed off the intertubes for the day for emotional safety purposes. 😉

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      The secret to not hating AFD is to plan a prank yourself. It’ll teach you the joy of the craft.

      …the look of disbelief and scorn you are sending my way is fairly astounding.

  3. Jeff

    Ah yes Mary Robinette Kowal… we once spoke, then I found out she was involved in the insidious AFD conspiracy group…

  4. Todd

    Way cool on that newest notch on your belt, Mary. You sure are on a nice roll here.

    Any more surprises lurking in the wings? ::snicker, snicker::