A nifty video on the relative scale of things in the universe.

Yeah… that puts things into perspective. And the interstellar travel in your SF story works… how? Powered by handwavium! Oh, well that’s all right then.

(spotted on EpicFTW)

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3 Responses

  1. Bruce M. Campbell

    Nicely done! I’ve not seen a motion graphics version of this before, and the choice of music was pretty appropriate. There were a couple of things I wondered about. I found myself thinking about the perspective scaling things as we pan across the celestial bodies. I found myself unable to keep the relative scales in mind, possibly through the timing and direction. It might be a better technique to fly towards each then over, as each new body fills the screen, then disappears behind. Just wondering. Of course, there may simply be no way to keep the relative scales of these things in our heads, regardless of presentation. Exponential notation doesn’t really deliver the emotional impact.

    BTW, really nice site, and I love your typography! I’m following you on Twitter now!

  2. -d-

    They were right on nearly all points, but I AM the center of the universe – unless you ask my granddaughter.