A giant fish

I went to Lewis and Clark College today to meet with Jonathan Gibson, who has written an opera called Carp and Diva. I will be building the carp. Afterwards, I biked over to meet Rob and Wayne at the tennis courts and then we came home.

I had a couple of funny moments on the bike. I bought new clips for the pedals, which hold my feet firmly in place for improved efficiency. I haven’t used them before, and there’s a special way you have to remove your feet or you stay firmly afixed to the pedals. It’s very, very easy to take your feet off, you just twist your heel out. But if you aren’t used to it, you can fall over when you come to a stop. Which I did. I didn’t hurt myself, since I was warned that it would happen. I just pitched over on the ground and laughed. It confused the pedestrians I think.

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One Response

  1. Anonymous

    How big is the fish going to be? How big is the stage it is going to be on?
    Will it fill the stage? Is it the only puppet in the opera?