A brief rant.

Gah. Okay. There are some amazing computer programs out there, but for crying out loud that doesn’t mean that you get to ignore the basic elements of composition. Nor does saying that your work is surreal mean that you get to ignore shading when you are using hyper-real stock elements from a program. Plus, it’s not surreal just because a tree is floating. It’s lazy.

Here is an example of computer rendered art which is very, very good. Please, if you are going to send me computer art try to be this good.

In fact, here are the websites of the artists we’ve printed at Shimmer. If you want me to use your art, you have to be this good or better.

Please. Know how to render. Know what gravity means. Know how light behaves. Understand composition.

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8 Responses

  1. -d-

    I got caught up in reading the comics and forgot to look at the art. I loved the series about the church and IRS.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Yes, it’s actually some of the artwork from Shimmer’s Summer issue. The avatars are all randomly assigned, so I was delighted that it gave you a typewriter.

    If you want to pick your own avatar, scroll down to the bottom, below the comment box, and you should see a line that says “As a frequent comment author you are allowed to register your own avatar.

    I’ve got a collection of vintage images and photos of Iceland to choose from.

  3. PodMonkeys

    Neat! I know I’m a little late on this, but having just switched my site layout, I’m still trying to find out what missing pages are still being hit. So I find bloglines is pointing at me. So I go to bloglines and search podmonkeys, and I find this post! – I love hearing about my stuff! 🙂 –