Online Patreon/Drip Online Writing Class: Short Story Workshop Part 4

November 26, 2018—7 pm to 8 pm Central

Mary Robinette teaches classes, once a month, for her $25 Patreon and Drip supporters. The topic rotates, depending on what folks want to know about.

This month is part 4 of the Short Story Workshop.

When people struggle to write short fiction, the problem usually begins with the idea. It often leads to a story that is too long, or the beginning of a novel, or so simplistic that it is dull. In this workshop, we’ll walk through the process of how to create and structure a short story. Each session, you will be given an exercise that builds on the previous session. The class gives you tools to create compelling characters, dialogue, and understand plot structure. At the end of this workshop, participants will use those tools to write a short story.

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