Online Class: Someone is Wrong on the Internet

February 22, 2018—4pm to 6pm Central


Someone is wrong on the internet image

Mary is teaching a class on how to deal with Someone being Wrong on the Internet. Get tickets here.

You probably have some opinions and as a writer, you have the tools to express them.  But… you’re worried that expressing your opinions on the internet will cause a blow-back. You’re worried that you will say the wrong thing.

You will, at some point. Sometimes, the person who is wrong on the internet is you.

So how do you decide when to speak up and when to hold your tongue? This workshop looks at tools for writers to decide when and how to express your opinions as a public figure.

Classes will be taught via Zoom

Classwork will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder visible only to you and your classmates. The class will be divided between lecture and exercise. The class is capped at 40 students.

Class requirements: You need an interest in writing fiction, but you do not need to have written or published anything yet. You also must be able to use Zoom on a computer. (Note: You don’t need a web camera, although they’re useful, but you do need a working microphone, the internet and some speakers so you can hear us.)

WoC Grant: For this class, I have three chairs reserved for women of color. To apply, simply fill out this web form.