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I am not promoting this post, because I’ve been told it’s tacky

If you are reading this post, right now, I have no idea how you found it. I’m glad you stumbled across it. There is another copy of this post on my site, nearly identical in every way, except that I promoted it. It doesn’t take looking at the traffic numbers to figure out which one more people will read.

Part of your job, as an author, is to promote yourself and your work. I wish that it was just to write the words, and it’s true that there are some people who can do that. Very few. The vast majority of the books that you have read, you know about because the author promoted them.

But wait! Some of you will point out that you are here because someone else pointed at this post. Someone else promoted it, not the author. Okay… how do you think they heard about it?

Grassroots, word of mouth, has long been the most effective form of promotion. That starts with the author.

Last year, I published:

And one other. Any idea what that was without me telling you? Do you even know what type of fiction it was?

So when awards season rolls, or when you have a book come out, or a short story, or you win an award… If someone tells you that it’s tacky to tell people about it, they are naive.

You are doing your job.