Blue Lagoon at last

Rob and I slept in, then went into town to have lunch at Vegamot. Afterwards we did a little window shopping, came home and headed for the Blue Lagoon. We did not have massages there, but we did purchase massage oil.

Thanksgiving pictures

Þor took these pictures of last night. Here we all are, as the bounty of food has been laid upon the table.

And as a sample of how quickly my friends in Iceland have come to understand Rob, here is a perfect photo of him

Lazy Day at work

Thanksgiving was as traditional as one can expect in Iceland. The table was loaded with ridiculous amounts of food. The classic dishes were there, along with a twenty-four pound turkey.

They let us out of work early yesterday to prepare, and brought us in late today. I haven’t worked yet, because the actors are still jousting, but I have written a lot on my novel.

Rob is at home today, probably reading or visiting the library.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rob and I are going to Jodi, Sam and Julie’s for dinner tonight. All the Americans and some other guests are gathering tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. Rob and I are bringing a spinach, artichoke casserole (thanks for the recipe, Mom), an apple crisp, and eggnog.

My poor car

I was delighted to find that I did not have to go to work until noon today. I went down to my car at 11:30, so I could pick up Sarah and the window was broken.

It looked like a truck had clipped it. So I called the police, and as they were looking at it a man came running over and said, “It was me.” Actually, he said something else longer, but it was in Icelandic and this is the gist of it. He’d been doing gardening across the street and hit my car as he backed up. He had already called the insurance company and they had contacted my rental company. So we just have to take the car in and they’ll give me a new car.

Fetching carts.

Sorry that my entries have been so short. Between busy days on the set and NaNoWriMo and Rob visiting, I haven’t had the time to do long weblog entries.

The snow is thawing and we are back to our usual overcast windy days. I have to be on set a lot but it’s been mostly fetching carts. I worked yesterday as Stingy’s feet, and hands when he was sitting in a chair. I did a little bit of time doing rod work today, but otherwise…fetching carts. Ah, the fleeting glamour of showbiz.

In other news, my wordcount on my NaNoWriMo is a 40,729. I should be able to hit 50,000 by Tuesday.


The director took this photo of me yesterday. Looks comfie, huh?

Þingvellir in the snow

Rob and I went out to Þingvellir and it held true to my experience that every day in Iceland the landscape changes. Of course in this case, the change was more extreme.

We did something I’ve not done here, which is hike around up to the top of the waterfall. We kept feeling like we had to hurry because the sun was so low in the sky, and then would remind ourselves that we had another four hours till actual sunset. This photo was taken around 12:30 in the afternoon. Note the looooong shadows.

Long delayed Bond pictures

Here are we are, dolled up in our finest. That’s a real bowtie Rob is wearing, not a pre-tied clipon.

Now, my dad had asked for pictures and names of people so that he could keep track of who’s who. Here are my some of my co-workers.

Dana and Mark Reed

Jonathan (director) and Thor (puppeteer for Ziggy)

Magnus and Heidi(his wife)

Sarah (puppeteer for Trixie)

And finally, we’re so cute I’ll show you another picture of us.

Live hand central

I’ve been doing live hands all day. I have only left the set for lunch. Rob spent the day here, and got to see me do some fun shots. I also just found out that on Monday I’ll be performing Trixie by myself while Sarah is in London at a wedding. I’m excited and nervous.

We’ve been wrapped so I’m afraid that I have to run as I have a ride waiting.

Busy, busy, busy

I was on set all day today. Sorry, no time for an update.

Anniversary dinner

Well, it turns out that I couldn’t get away, so we went to dinner at Maru last night. We had a lovely, but cold walk in the snow there and back.

Three Years

Rob and I are celebrating three years of marriage today. How? I’m working today, he’s watching me work. Sigh. But, later today, we are going to the Blue Lagoon for massages.